On Listening To Music

When I was going through the lowest period in my life so far, which was after graduating from school, I realised something that changed what music meant to me completely. I’m gonna be using “we” instead of “I” here, because conversations and discussions I’ve had with some people have led me to conclude that I’m […]

Back To College

So I haven’t done this in quite a while now and that is mostly because I don’t really think anybody actually reads the posts on this blog. I agree that that is partly my fault because I never make any attempt to get it out to people and to advertise it, but that’s also because […]

Going Off Of Social Media

Yesterday I deactivated my Facebook account, deleted Tumblr from my phone (I’m one of the few people that actually prefer the app over the broswer version, so no Tumblr), and I never really fell victim to other platforms like Twitter, Snapchat or Instagram. Well, maybe Snapchat; but only for a while. Barbaric as this may […]

What is ‘normal’?

I often find myself to be slightly ‘off’ from the people that I tend to surround myself with. ‘Normal’ is generally defined by what the majority lives by, in which case I hardly ever feel normal. I find myself wishing that I could enjoy things that these ‘normal’ people enjoy. I curse myself on, for […]

What’s Been Up

This post is not much of a post as much as it is a depository for a depressed me to keep account of what were probably the best two weeks of my life in a very long time. It’s not meant to be read as a post as it is probably not going to make […]

My Love-Hate Relationship With Mathematics

For the longest of times I used to look at people with such disbelief when they used to say things like, “oh, maths is so beautiful!” or something along those lines, but that changed about four months back when I had a course in group theory. Our professor wasn’t all that supportive, but I found […]

Study Patterns

This is going to be a short one. So, I recently noticed a very striking change in the way I take in new knowledge. I was studying physics, messing around with theorems and laws that were already well-defined just for the sake of it. I realised that I couldn’t remember a time when I used […]