First Attempt at Execution

So… remember that beautiful plan that I had come up with, thinking it will be the end to all troubles and the salvation I needed? Yeah, so far, hasn’t really worked out that way… First off, I went back home last week for two days, ended up getting food poisoning or something (don’t remember what […]

Shaking Things Up

I have been having a lot of anxiety attacks recently, which leave me completely unable to work for a long time. It’s that same feeling I used to get, as if somebody were standing on my chest and choking me at the same time. Most of it stems from the fact that I feel I […]

Feelin’ Good

Finally! I am actually fucking happy. No reason that I can pin down. To be honest, that’s probably because I can’t figure out which one to pin it down on. Where I live, the weather is pretty extreme. In the afternoon the temperature soars up to 43 degrees almost everyday, and after so many days […]

On Listening To Music

When I was going through the lowest period in my life so far, which was after graduating from school, I realised something that changed what music meant to me completely. I’m gonna be using “we” instead of “I” here, because conversations and discussions I’ve had with some people have led me to conclude that I’m […]

Back To College

So I haven’t done this in quite a while now and that is mostly because I don’t really think anybody actually reads the posts on this blog. I agree that that is partly my fault because I never make any attempt to get it out to people and to advertise it, but that’s also because […]

Going Off Of Social Media

Yesterday I deactivated my Facebook account, deleted Tumblr from my phone (I’m one of the few people that actually prefer the app over the broswer version, so no Tumblr), and I never really fell victim to other platforms like Twitter, Snapchat or Instagram. Well, maybe Snapchat; but only for a while. Barbaric as this may […]

What is ‘normal’?

I often find myself to be slightly ‘off’ from the people that I tend to surround myself with. ‘Normal’ is generally defined by what the majority lives by, in which case I hardly ever feel normal. I find myself wishing that I could enjoy things that these ‘normal’ people enjoy. I curse myself on, for […]