On Reading and Learning

TL;DR – No book read, was ever in vain. Setting the Harry Potter series aside, and as much hate as I might get for it, even the Twilight series, I have not read or enjoyed much of the fantasy genre in my life so far (another recent exception being The Kingkiller Chronicles which I’m reading […]

It’s Okay To Be Happy

This post will probably end up being quite heavy and personal. TL;DR – it’s about my seemingly strange fixation with feeling sad. I often find myself plagued with work and responsibilities – things that I should tend to at the soonest so that once I’m through I can move on to fun things that bring […]

Shifting Motivation

It is pretty clear to me at this point in life, that I would like to become a physicist. What I still sometimes struggle over, is why. Richard P. Feynman – one of the finest physicist of our time – won the Nobel Prize, but detested it. To him, the prize was in the joy […]

On Time Travel

In an interview given by Neil DeGrasse Tyson some time ago, he presented a possible way to travel back in time. If one was to travel to a planet very, very far away, through a wormhole so as to reach there before light that reflected off of you as you left reached, and take a […]

The Right, Wrong Answer

Recently, on a long drive with my family, I got into a discussion with my father about gravity after telling my family about Galileo’s famous experiment of dropping two spheres of different masses from the Tower of Pisa to show conclusively that it is not the weight of the object that determines how fast it […]

Never Been So Unsure Before

I’m writing this a month before my end semester exams. I have never been so unsure of myself before. Pretty close to the breaking point with respect to my motivation to do any of this anymore… My grades so far for the semester are absolute shit and falling still, I’ve taken on too many responsibilities […]


Lately, there has been a lot going through my mind, and even more so in life. Another semester has started and I realize how quickly the past year went, but that’s a pretty cliché thing to say, so I won’t bicker on about that. The research project that I had been working on is still […]