Lately, there has been a lot going through my mind, and even more so in life. Another semester has started and I realize how quickly the past year went, but that’s a pretty cliché thing to say, so I won’t bicker on about that.

The research project that I had been working on is still going on, and pretty slowly too, I must say. So much so that I honestly don’t see a finishing date any time in the coming future, because it has been getting progressively more and more difficult, which worries me a little. But I’m not complaining — I love a challenge, and what has to be done, has to be done.

The professors that I have for all my courses this semester are pretty good too, except for the chemistry one who seems to have all the charisma and personality of a potato (much like the rest of the department). The courses are all VERY interesting though, more on that in a while.

Also, I have juniors now. A new batch of undergrads joined just last week and from the limited interaction that I’ve had with them so far, they seem to be fairly nice people. There are a couple of guitarists, a butt-load of singers (as usual), and no drummers (sadly). Given that the drummer in my band will be graduating in two years from now, I’d be really grateful if we get at least one drummer in the coming years.

Now, coming to the main reason behind me deciding to write this out, I feel emotionally and mentally overwhelmed by all that’s happening in life right now. The courses that I’m taking this semester are: Waves and Optics, Spectroscopy, Curves and Surfaces, Population Genetics, and Differential Equations. Beside that, I am currently working on arranging and recording two songs with a PhD scholar who wants to build his videography portfolio by making music videos for those songs. I have also taken the responsibility of getting some newly joined students to practice and put up a music piece in a cultural evening one month from now. Also, I have started playing tennis again because I’m gaining weight with the end goal that I may get back in form enough to go for one of the varsity level tournaments that happen in December. Apart from all of that, I have to also keep working on my project, because I want to finish it by the winter break so that I can do another project in some other field in the winters. Also, because all of my courses are so wonderfully interesting, I actually feel really motivated to just study all day. But all of this motivation and responsibility suddenly feels like a really big burden, and that too just two days into the semester.

That being said, I will still talk about why I’m specially excited for both the math courses though. I don’t know if this happens to other people as well, and would love to know from you (this is your subtle cue to interact with me to keep me motivated to continue blogging) if it does, but I don’t see equations as equations. When I look at the equation for a line, I don’t ever see the equation, I see the line. If I look at the equation for a surface, I see the surface in my head. Back in the first semester when we were being introduced to polar coordinates, our professor gave us some exercises to get us familiarized with how to visualize them, and not once did I have to spend a minute thinking about the equation. I’d immediately see, for example, a donut. So yeah, if you’d like to burst my bubble and tell me that I’m not special, you’re welcome.

But there’s another thing that bothers me. The professor taking the biology course, is a little TOO good. Remember the chemistry department and their lack of charisma? Well, this is guy is on the completely opposite end of that spectrum. This raises two problems. First, in just one lecture, he has made me question my future in Physics, and second, his command over a class and the way he speaks to an audience has made me really conscious about my own public speaking skills. Because honestly, it’s my dream to be able to speak in public like he does and to have the respect of all the students in a lecture hall like he does, but what if I never get there? What if I end up being a physicist in the chemistry department? Only time will tell, I guess.

That’s all, folks!



2 thoughts on “Overwhelmed

  1. What if you turn out to be a physicist, who’s charismatic, and also an excellent speaker? How does it get any better than this?


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