First Attempt at Execution

So… remember that beautiful plan that I had come up with, thinking it will be the end to all troubles and the salvation I needed? Yeah, so far, hasn’t really worked out that way…

First off, I went back home last week for two days, ended up getting food poisoning or something (don’t remember what the doctor called it), had to cancel the tickets back and so spent the entire week at home. So, that was one week’s worth of work just gone. Now that I’m back again, and today was a Monday, I did start working according to plan. I got three of those half hour chunks in after which everything just sprang out of control and I ended up taking a three hour long “nap” after which I wasted about another hour just to get out of the grogginess. But it’s okay. As long as I can get even 5 more of those chunks in before 6 AM tomorrow, I’ll be happy. It’ll be some progress.

As far as my project is concerned, I did end up understanding the parts that I was struggling with in chapter four and have now moved on to chapter five, so there’s that.

I also finally got a new laptop! It’s not TOO fancy, but I can finally play some of the games that I have been absolutely dying to play. Also, I can now play Starcraft 2 online which I can’t wait to try out.

Alright, it is 11:30 PM on Monday as I’m typing this and I have until 6 AM on Tuesday to get in 5 (or if possible, 7, which was the original goal) more chunks. Let’s go.


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