On Listening To Music

When I was going through the lowest period in my life so far, which was after graduating from school, I realised something that changed what music meant to me completely.

I’m gonna be using “we” instead of “I” here, because conversations and discussions I’ve had with some people have led me to conclude that I’m not the only person that does the following.

Most of the time when we listen to music, we tend to sing along, and most songs frequently refer to or are directed to an external person. The lyrics are written as if they’re being said to someone. Now, when we sing said songs, we tend to take a similar mindset of singing the song while referring to some external entity as if dedicating it to that person.

Try something new. Try listening to the song as the artist meant it to be heard when they wrote it. Listen to it as it if it was being sung to you. The first song that made me recognize this huge difference was Heal My Wounds by Poets Of The Fall. That song really helped me get through some tough times after I started listening to it as if Marko was singing it to me.

So that’s one song suggestion if you want to try this out mindfully, or if you’re just looking for a little pick me up.


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