Back To College

So I haven’t done this in quite a while now and that is mostly because I don’t really think anybody actually reads the posts on this blog. I agree that that is partly my fault because I never make any attempt to get it out to people and to advertise it, but that’s also because I feel that there are now some posts on here that have become too personal and I don’t want people that I know and interact with daily to know about all of my life. Have no trouble sharing with strangers though (strangely enough), which is why I don’t make them private or delete them.

All of that aside, I am back on campus now. I’m officially through with my first year of college and will be starting the third semester in August. My grades are, according to me, pretty horrible and nowhere close to where I’d like them to be. I hope to change that in the coming semester because the only way I can land summer research internships at places outside my institute is if I have a solid CPI along with some research experience. I have never really bothered with grades because I don’t like studying just for the sake of exams and I therefore never really learnt how to study for exams, so that’s kinda biting me in the ass. Hoping for the best now.

I also just got back from a Europe trip. I went to Paris in France, and Geneva, Lucerne, and Zurich in Switzerland. Geneva wasn’t a part of the original itinerary but I got my dad to somehow squeeze it in because I wanted to visit CERN. That was truly awe inspiring and motivating. I got myself a bracelet, a coffee mug, a hoodie, and a t-shirt from their souvenir shop.  I also got a photo clicked with the scientist that was our tour guide through the facility. That tour really was something. I wanted my family to witness first hand what my prospective future working place looked like, and what it is that scientists actually do, and I feel that that purpose was fulfilled, so I’m happy about that too. It has also motivated me to try harder for my studies so that I can get a internship at CERN as a summer student after my third year. Fingers crossed.

Now that I’m back on campus and also completely alone because my friends all found summer research projects in other institutes around the country, I will work on a problem that my first semester physics professor gave to me on Non-Equilibrium Statistical Mechanics; which is exactly as confusing (at least to someone like me who has literally no experience with statistical mechanics or numerical methods of integration or even computer modelling) as it sounds. Hoping to learn a lot. Also, since I decide my own work hours now I can stay up all night and sleep in the day which is a blessing.

I’d like to end this with something that I say in every blog and then completely forget about it and that is that I’d once again try to blog more, but if you’re reading this, whoever you are, I’d be delighted if you could let me know that you’re actually interested just to give me that little boost of motivation. Thank you!


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