Going Off Of Social Media

Yesterday I deactivated my Facebook account, deleted Tumblr from my phone (I’m one of the few people that actually prefer the app over the broswer version, so no Tumblr), and I never really fell victim to other platforms like Twitter, Snapchat or Instagram. Well, maybe Snapchat; but only for a while.

Barbaric as this may seem to people of the 21st century, it was, in my case, much needed. I never really saw much use for Facebook as a social app anyway. It was mostly just a source of entertainment and memes for when I got bored. But then it never stopped. There never was a time when I didn’t have my phone in my hand, just scrolling through the news feed not being able to stop for “some mysterious reason”. That reason, quite simply was just that I was getting addicted; and that might just be the case with most of the people that may end up reading this. One thing that surely bothers me about not having Facebook anymore is that I now have no place to publicise my blog. But that’s okay; it’s not like I’m getting paid for this. At least this way, only the people that genuinely search topics on this blog up will be the ones that get to see it (or at least that’s what I’m telling myself).

Instead of resorting to Tumblr and Facebook for entertainment now, I have decided that I’ll try to revive my habit of reading. Downloaded the Kindle app on my tablet and phone too. Speaking of smartphones reminds me, I was actually considering giving up my smartphone altogether and switching it out for one of those old Nokia feature phones. Back when I was preparing for the exams that got me into the institute I am in, that’s what I had. Back then, I didn’t even have a laptop or a tablet; just the Nokia to keep myself from all kinds of distractions. All that I had for entertainment back then was an mp3 player and the game Snake on my phone. Now that I have a tablet, it actually seemed to be a good idea, because whatever I use my smartphone for, I can just do it on my tablet and since it can’t be carried everywhere, that’ll help me to stay away from the internet. But then I realised that having a smartphone does have its perks. I don’t need to carry my wallet anywhere, because mobile banking. I can call for cabs myself. I can… do other things that are eluding my mind right now. So that decision was not taken. Instead I deleted all time consuming apps and keep my phone on airplane mode for most of the time now.

I obviously can’t get rid of the blog, because first, I don’t even post that often, and secondly, I don’t really have close friends on campus anymore so I need an outlet. So far, I am not missing Facebook or Tumblr at all. I’ve been reading Sherlock Holmes instead. This way, hopefully, my ever increasing list of books to read (seriously, my wishlist on Amazon has over 120 books right now), will start to decrease in length, which is something that I dearly want.

So yeah, here’s to hoping that I don’t relapse.



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