What’s Been Up

This post is not much of a post as much as it is a depository for a depressed me to keep account of what were probably the best two weeks of my life in a very long time. It’s not meant to be read as a post as it is probably not going to make much sense and would probably be written really haphazardly in, and nothing would be in any particular order. This is mostly because I don’t feel like writing at all and am honestly quite sad right now, but am forcing myself to do this for reasons unknown to even me.

So, the blog got left behind again. Not the first time that has happened and not something I’m entirely proud of, but I guess it happens.

I blame it mostly on not getting (or being unable to make) enough time. The previous two weeks have actually been pretty good, but as I write this, I feel sad.

Around two weeks back I came down with a fever, and my stubbornness about not going to the doctor did not really help much. Our college had its annual cultural fest, which was a huge success. I got to see Guthrie Govan (read: God) perform live with Mohini Dey and Gino Banks. I am finally part of a band again and it’s called Harley Quinttet (because there are five of us. Get it? It’s a pun). We took part in the battle of bands and came second. I played the intro to Joker And The Thief behind my head like Hendrix and we got a lot of compliments. It felt good to get all that out of my system in such a way after such a long time. Also, I have in my possession the bottle of beer that Guthrie Govan himself drank from. I can make my own Guthrie now.

This is where this bundle of sadness will stop writing for tonight.


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