What Have I Been Up To?

First up, I’d like to mention that my sister, when I asked her about which blogging site I should use, told me that WordPress was something that only professional bloggers used. But, since I don’t care, I will be running it as a personal blog regardless of what it is supposed to be. So, posts like these might just become very common.

Right, now that that is out of the way, what have I been up to? I have got to be honest, just saying that sentence makes me feel so important; as if I’m some popular internet celebrity and there are people out there that are just DYING to know what goes on in my personal life. Now, hoping that that is not true because that would be a little creepy seeing that I’m nobody famous (yet), I should probably get my head out of the clouds.

I guess one of the main reasons that I haven’t been getting a lot of time to write is that I have been spending a lot of time on extracurriculars. I am, in my college, a part of the debating society, the music club and now, a coding club is being formed too. I had been into coding back when I was in school, but didn’t do any of it during the gap year so I had completely forgotten all syntax and a lot of the algorithms too. So, a lot of my time has been devoted to relearning C++ off of YouTube. In the debating club, till now we had focused only on the Asian Parliamentary  format of debating but now we are also starting to have practice sessions to learn about MUN’s. So far, I still prefer the parliamentary debates; MUN’s seem like fun, but they also seem to be a little intimidating and from what I’ve heard, the people that take part are kind of elitist and that is something I have no patience for. There hasn’t been a lot of activity in the music club, but I have recently started playing guitar again. For about over two weeks now, I had not touched my guitar; just had no motivation to do so. I couldn’t even bear looking at it, as if I was somehow being repelled by it. But then I started playing again two days back and I can tell you, it felt liberating.

Also, our college will be having its annual cultural fest next month and preparation for that has been in full swing recently. Guthrie Govan is going to be performing on the first night and the kind of excitement and joy I feel about that literally cannot be put into words. So just imagine a guy with long hair and a big grin, squealing. I am helping organise two events – a solo vocals event, and a murder mystery event in which participant teams will have to solve, you guessed it, a murder mystery that we have devised, complete with props and evidence and people you can interrogate. That’s another thing that has been bringing me a lot of happiness recently. There is nothing more satisfying than plotting someone’s murder and then leaving just the right kind of clues in just the right places. Makes you feel like god.

Another thing that happened last week was that I went back home on a surprise trip. Nobody at home knew that I was gonna be there but then I rang the doorbell at 11PM and was greeted with big smiles and even bigger hugs. I spent the weekend at home with my family and my dog and then came back to college.

But it hasn’t been all rainbows and unicorns. For the past few days I have been feeling exceptionally low and depressed and lonely. It’s funny how you can be constantly surrounded by people but still feel lonely, but it is what it is. Sometimes, like I said in the last post, it is because of frustration at myself for not being productive and sometimes it is because I miss being in a relationship. To be very clear here though, I do not miss my ex. I just miss the idea of having your own person. That is an idea, the explanation of which can either be research thesis or be completely dismissed with just one sentence – you only understand what it means when you’ve felt it. Sadly for now, I’ll be going with the latter. I know that I will eventually find someone again, someone who will be mine and mine only, but nowhere is it written that I’m not allowed to crib and whine about it till then.

One more thing that has been eating up my time, which I consider to be a kind of guilty pleasure, is watching Crash Course videos on YouTube. I’ve been watching video after video on world history recently, and would like you to know that Julius Caesar had sex with Cleopatra this one time (or maybe more). Fascinating, huh?

Also, I have been actively trying to get a band together in college so that I have an excuse to get back on stage and headbang with my guitar (I was hoping get some girls to think that I’m this hot guitar player, but I’ve been told that girls aren’t that shallow); so I hope that works out.

After rereading this post for editing and grammar checks, I just realised that I have left a lot of descriptions pretty vague and that is not how I usually like to write because personally I find that very unfulfilling, but I’m too lazy to restructure this post. That being said, I’ll take care of it in future posts.

That’s all for now, I guess. I’ve decided I’ll be posting every Sunday from now on, tonight being the exception. So, if there actually are people out there that actively want to follow me, now you have something to look forward to.


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