My Take on The Meaning of Life

What an intimidating title, isn’t it? Now, before I begin this there are a couple of things I should probably clear up in advance. These ideas that I have are still in their infancy and are still being refined; something that happens each time I try and formalise them. That means that my view on all things that are about to follow might as well change a little (in a positive way; building upon what already is) by the end of this post itself. I know that it doesn’t exactly make sense to be making such unpolished ideas public, but hey, this way maybe I’ll get inputs from other people and that might help me form a more solid picture about this topic. Another thing that I should mention is that I was recently discussing this topic with a friend and I told him all that I thought. He told me that none other than Carl Sagan also tried to popularise something that was scaringly close to what I had cooked up, in one of his books. I haven’t read any of his books yet, and I say yet because they’re all on my list of books to read, but to find out that all these ideas that I had been playing around with for so long had also gone through the mind of somebody like Carl Sagan and had influenced him enough to talk about it publicly, made me feel awfully smart.

So, think about this:

When the universe was born from the big bang (which is said to be the theory that is most probably correct at the time I’m writing this), there were no real particles, it was all just energy. When it started to cool down the particles came into existence and over billions of years, these particles clumped together to form stars and galaxies. These stars eventually died out and from their remains, everything that we see around us today was created. To quote Lawrence Krauss, “You are all stardust. The stars died so that you could be here today.” I’d like to point out that by using the word ‘you’, he isn’t trying to imply that physicists are some special people that that statement doesn’t apply to (just covering my grounds… you know how some science skeptics act up). All of us came from the stars. Now, where did the atoms and the molecules and all other particles that existed in the gigantic furnaces that stars are, come from? The big bang! The birth of our universe. The connection that I’m trying to make here is that, in a way, all of your body and all of you, was created at the birth of the universe itself. So maybe it’s time to stop thinking of ourselves as existing IN the universe and start thinking of ourselves existing AS the universe. We are after all, a part of it. Carrying forward from there, I’d like to take another leap and say that since we are conscious, and since we have come so far in our understanding of how the universe works (who really knows how far though? Who knows that whatever knowledge we have accumulated isn’t barely just a fraction of what happens out there? Who knows if we’ll ever actually see the entire picture? If we’ll ever get to see all the pieces of the puzzle fall in place?), maybe we are just a part of the universe trying to understand ITSELF. Maybe we are how the universe chose to manifest itself in order to better understand itself. Maybe that is what the purpose of our lives is. At least that is  what I like to believe because it makes me feel like I’m on the right track.

I would really love to hear from others about what they think of what I think and if they’d like to contrast it with some of their beliefs, so feel free to message me or leave a comment, because that’s all for today!


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