Back To College

If you’ve read any of the old blog posts, then you’d know that I started this blog a long time after I initially planned it. First I had thought about starting it on Tumblr, and I did do that, but then I got distracted by all the other things that are on there (because Tumblr, is an awesome place (funny how using the word ‘place’ for a website sounds appropriate (maybe just to me)). And yes, these are nested side notes). Then I thought, instead of blogging, I’ll try to make audio logs of my days because I was too lazy to start a diary but wanted to record my thoughts somewhere, but between studies, new friends, and trying to figure living away from family out, I just couldn’t get the time.

So, I’m about a semester late in starting this blog and all the things that I’ve missed will probably come up and be covered in some blog post or another. Anyway, I’m back on campus now. Back before my vacations, just after the first semester had ended and I was headed home, I felt happy that I was finally going back home; that I was finally gonna be able to eat food that my mom would cook me and I felt relieved that I wouldn’t have to do my own laundry anymore. I never imagined however, that I’d feel the same happiness, even though for different reasons, when I’d come back to college.

I honestly thought, when I was still at home at the beginning of the vacations, that I’d feel sad when I’d have to leave and go back to college again, but I never really did; and I realised that I really have two homes now. I have people in both places that care about me, and being at either place, really makes me miss the other. When I’d first started feeling that I really missed college and just couldn’t wait to get out of the house, I felt a little bad for the thoughts and emotions I had. I mean, I’d be leaving home; leaving the comfort and my family was not supposed to make me feel happy, but strangely, it did (even though it was only such a strange notion back then). But I’ve come to realise that it’s okay to have more than one place that you can call home. After all, it’s about what makes you happy, isn’t it?

My parents and my sister, dropped me off to college this morning, and I made some changes to my room – got some curtains up and some hangers (or hooks? I don’t what they’re called) to hang my clothes on when they were too clean for the laundry but too dirty to go back in the suitcase (yes, I live out of a suitcase. The room is too cramped for the wardrobe to be accessible, more on that in another post). My father had asked me to use a hammer and nail it to the back of the door, but I didn’t have a hammer, so I used physics instead.

Say hello to the trusty jute bag full of food that must always be there as a dead weight, because physics.

Note that I did not put the screw there, it was already in place when I got the room.

My classes start again from tomorrow. Last semester, I had classes at 8 AM. At the beginning of the first semester, I used to get up at 6 and would bathe, brush and dress myself properly and then go down to the mess for breakfast at 7 and then attend my classes. About two weeks in, I realised that I was an idiot. After that epiphany, I used to wake up at 7:55 for an 8 AM class, brush my teeth, and just show up at lectures (and even that became too much effort by the end of it all, if such a thing was possible).

This semester, we fortunately have lectures that start at 9. So, instead of going to both extremes like I did last semester, I’ll try and get up at 8, a task at which I’m sure I’ll start failing within a week (but that’s okay. It’s about attending the lecture; not about looking good when you’re attending the lecture).

I am quiet excited about the courses that I have this semester. In physics, I’ll be learning electromagnetism (from a man who as I have been told is the best our institute has to offer), in maths it’ll be calculus and in chemistry we’ll be introduced to quantum mechanics. I also have a course called History of Science, which I assume will be a lot of fun because back in school I really used to enjoy my history classes.

Also, I’m very happy about getting to buy new textbooks because I love buying books. I also like to write notes in my textbooks (my mechanics textbook is littered with notes in all the margins) because it makes me feel like The Half Blood Prince, and that’s never a bad thing.

I still haven’t completed the registration process for this semester though, and I have no clue about what I’m supposed to do and I might have to miss some classes to get that done tomorrow because it’s the deadline and today was a Sunday so everything was closed, and that sucks. -.-

Well, that’s all for now.


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