A Discussion About Music

Being a musician, music has played a very vital role in my life – from being there to pick me up when I was low, to defining me as a person. I think it would be safe to assume that I almost always have a song playing in the back of my head, much like a personal background track for all the awesome things that happen in the dramatic TV show that is life. Speaking of which, right now as I’m typing this, I have a playlist (not in my head but on YouTube) of Naruto OST that’s playing in the background.

My Preferences in Music

To be very honest, my taste in music, as I like to think of it, is very unrestricted. There is no genre of music that I hate. I do have a strong dislike for EDM though, and not for the reason that you’d think. I don’t dislike EDM because “it doesn’t require real talent” or because “it isn’t real music”. I dislike EDM because it makes me want to dance; and I hate dancing. That being said, I listen to everything from Classical all the way up to Metal music with a slight detour to Pop and Rap music occasionally. I mostly enjoy Metal and Rock, though. But hey, everything has a time and place, right?

I also like to believe that if you’re a musician, especially a guitarist, you should try to expose yourself to all kinds of music and learn some popular songs from each genre. That is important (at least to me) because then if you’re sitting in a circle (other shapes would do too) at a gathering and are just singing with friends, you should have something in your arsenal that pleases every person present. I personally love the smile that comes on a person’s face when you decide to surprise them with a song that they love but weren’t expecting you to play (because they thought you only listened to a very narrow spectrum of the music that’s out there). It makes me feel good about myself as a musician if I’m able to make a person feel more included that way because you know if it’s a song they love, they WILL sing along. No matter how bad they think they sing.

Four months of college have taught me not to judge people too soon by just a shallow observation of what they’re like on the outside, but to really dive in if you ever want to appreciate them for who they are. But there is still one thing that I judge people by. I’m usually not one to care about people’s opinions but I do test new friendships by making the person in question listen to one song.

The Musical Friendship Test


The song I make the prospect friend listen to is a beautiful guitar instrumental from the man above, Jason Becker, called Altitudes. It is a song that moves me to tears from the raw emotion that just oozes out of every note that he plays, and if somebody does not like this song, then that’s where that story ends.

That’s all, folks! More on this later!


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