New Blog – ceremonial first post!

So, this is finally happening. I have been thinking of starting a blog for as long as I can remember, but never really found the time, the motivation or the courage to do so.

My name is Parth and I am a student of physics from India. My dream in life is to one day be considered as one of the best physicists that my country has ever produced or known.

Through this blog, I hope to inspire other people to break off from the norm of going for the mainstream careers that are prominent in my country and society, and to actually go and do something that they love, which is what I did too.

I hope to fill this blog with content from my daily life, to serve as a digital diary of sorts that others can read if they wish to. That would include ramblings, experiences, and honestly anything I think is appropriate.

Also, I have shamelessly copied and pasted this from the “About” section because I am lazy.


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